Онлайн тест на определение уровня английского языка

Тесты по английскому языку сегодня востребованы как школьниками, так и профессионалами. Английский – самый популярный иностранный язык среди наших соотечественников. Как определить ваш уровень? Найдите правильные ответы на вопросы онлайн теста и вы получите значение от А1 до С1 - это и будет оценка ваших познаний в английском языке по европейской классификации. Если останутся силы, то попробуйте себя в тесте на знание французского языка! Choose the right answer:
1. There _________ books on the shelf.
2. Where __________ work?
3. She swims very _________.
4. What time _________ yesterday?
5. They were _________ work last Saturday.
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6. When __________ born?
7. My brother is a _________ football player than your brother.
8. I go to the library _________ foot.
9. They ___________ to visit China in November.
10. Her birthday is ___________ 12th March.
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11. My brother doesn't like _________ in supermarkets.
12. ___________ phoned his mother yet?
13. We didn't eat __________ special at that new restaurant.
14. ___________ to Australia?
15. They arrived while we ___________ lunch.
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16. How often ___________ go to London?
17. ___________ worked here?
18. She'll miss the train if the taxi _________ soon.
19. She's only 16. She isn't old ___________ to vote in the election.
20. I don't think there ___________ a lot of rain this weekend.
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21. They both look ____________ their father.
22. _____________ last weekend?
23. I've been studying English ___________ now.
24. If you __________ travel anywhere, where would you go?
25. I'm sure she would have phoned if she ___________ not to come.